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"I won't cry anymore.....I promise.."


"You wouldn't love a cowardly crybaby like me....."


Adoptive Mother

Close Friends
"..........I'm sorry for being such an embarrassing friend to you...."



"I-I don't want to lose you guys......."

[Everyone Starts Here]

"You're just like the rest of them........"



And now it's the end
Please don't cry

What I can only do for a crybaby like you
is to accompany and cry with you
We found ourselves both crying and strange enough,
tears stop flowing and we laughed

I put in my pocket the pair ring you and I both chose

I know I would hurt you
but I have to tell it now

In the time of our parting
Pretending to be strong, I said "please smile"
while I gently pat your head

In the time of our parting
To the crybaby who showed me a forced smile,
I chose to say "goodbye"

What I can only do for a strong-willed person like you
is to get close to you and show a smiling face

I walked with you in the pedestrian bridge that was in our memories

The destination we are looking at is separated
That's why I have to say it now

In the time of our parting
I stoop down by myself
I already know those words
But it just won't stop

It spilled over my fingers and fell
Where is your "I love you" now?

I will cast a magic for a crybaby
A magic that can stop your tears
You will make a face like mine
Let's smile

In our time of parting
The two who won't say a word,
at the last moment told each other what they feel
See you...
"I'm sorry"
"Thank you"

And now it's the end
I will not cry.


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mental status
perfectly healthy | healthy | okay | so-so | a little off | hearing voices | seeing things | losing my mind | crazy | insane | never coming back

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So I'm going to my cousin's house so I might not be back for awhile so yeah, see you guys in a bit after I leave soon--]]


cantstopCRYING's Profile Picture
Kai Sayumi
Name: Kai Sayumi
Age: 14
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Kai is a big coward and is very emotional. He's also quite sensitive. He's a big crybaby basically. He wants to make friends but he's too big of a coward to start up conversations with others. If other people start talking to him he tries to be more open and friendly but he still is emotional and sensitive so even the smallest insult would make him tear up a bit.

History: Kai lived a miserable life. His dad died in the war and his mother died when giving birth to him. So he lived in an orphanage. He was a big crybaby, which made people bully him because of that. Everyday he locked himself up in his room and cried on his bed, not wanting to live anymore because of the other kids insulting him. He passed out after a few days from lack of food and water. He then stayed in the hospital for quite some time for him to recover. Once he healed he was taken back to the orphanage, but kids bullied him more than usual because they now found him to be a weak, cowardly crybaby. This made him suicidal and made him try to hang himself but a few of the people that worked at the orphanage prevented him from doing that. When he was 12 he was getting bullied by others still, but this time a girl that came to the orphanage not too long ago stood up for him. She was the only person that was kind to him and was his only friend. They were friends for quite some time, but a year later, the girl he had befriended was found hanged in her room. A suicide note was on the floor. "I hate being bullied by other kids just because I became friends with that lonely crybaby." is what the note said. This made Kai even more sad that he drove someone to suicide. He thought he actually had a friend. Now he doubted that idea and soon ran away from the orphanage. He currently doesn't live anywhere, but works as an actor as a part time job in order to get money.

Additional Info: Shadow creatures tend to target Kai and try to 'eliminate' him from existence no matter what. The creatures are created by all the hatred people have toward him.

[smut in notes]

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